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Q&A: Apple Ambassador eager to promote the industry

What made you want to be apple ambassador?

The Apple Ambassador is a position that I have always admired. I have friends who have been on the Apple Ambassador Court and won previously and they spoke so highly of the program. I believe the Apple Festival is an event in which you can truly see our entire community come together. The festival gives everyone a positive experience and great memories. I loved the idea of getting in on this. Now more than ever we need things like the Apple Festival to bring people together and I am truly honored to be a part of it.

How was the application process, this year in particular?

The application process was the same as usual except for the very end. Applicants mail in an essay, resume, school transcript, and two letters of recommendation. From this, the next round of selection is an interview and speech. This was the only part of the process that was altered this year. We had to give our speeches and have an interview via Zoom. The morning after my Zoom call I woke up to an email that I was the next Apple Ambassador! I was so shocked and excited.

Do you have family in the apple business?

No, I sadly do not have family in the apple business.

What is your relation to the other Gilliams in Hendersonville?

There are two sets of Gilliams in Henderson County and I am related to one set of them through my dad’s dad. They are Henderson County natives.

In this unique year, what will be your tasks and jobs as apple ambassador?

As Apple Ambassador it is my job to represent and promote the Apple Festival and the N.C Grower’s Association. I appear at a variety of events like the Apple Festival, Mountain State Fair, Farm City Day, a N.C. Growers Association Meeting and other events. For this year’s Apple Festival, I will be visiting the different farms and the events they hold as well as other festival activities. Everything will not look the same as years past but I will be attending as many events as possible and I am looking forward to it.