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Reviled by drivers, pork chop is gone

FLAT ROCK — Reviled as a four-inch high monument to bureaucratic overreach and widely ignored by local drivers, the Singleton Centre porkchop is no more.


A crew spent all day Wednesday using a jackhammer and backhoe to break up and remove the concrete barrier. The removal will allow vehicles to make left turns in and out of the shopping and office center, which includes a restaurant, wine bar, cinema, financial office and fitness center.


The triangle-shaped concrete island, known in Flat Rock as the porkchop, restricted cars from making left turns into or out of the office-retail center developed by Jane Singleton, a landowner and developer who lives in Flat Rock.

Singleton fought the porkchop from the start.

"She has previously stated it has significantly adversely affected her ability to lease out some of that property," Flat Rock Village Councilman Don Farr told the council last week. Singleton persisted in trying to get the restriction removed. "In response, a traffic study was done showing that this left-turn restriction was not appropriate for that location," Farr said.