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Facebook punsters having too much fun with city's parade map

Never let it be said that Hooterville Nation is too modest to plunge with enthusiasm into a pool of blue humor.

A sleepy retirement burg no more, Hendersonville was having too much fun this week with the city’s map of Saturday’s Christmas parade route and the detours around it. We don't need to describe why here. Anyone can see the map on the city’s Facebook page, and thousands are.

Throughout the day on Thursday the number of comments was doubling about every 90 minutes. As of Friday morning, the Facebook post had received 2,300 comments — featuring hundreds of double entendres and puns ranging from crude to cringe-worthy to clever — 3,500 shares and 2,600 likes. By Friday night, the post had generated 5,400 comments, 9,600 shares and 5,800 likes. And by Sunday night: 10,000 comments, 18,000 shares and 12,000 likes.

There was speculation among some in town that the map was likely to make a cameo in a late-night standup routine before the fun faded.

City Manager John Connet took it in good humor when he praised city communications manager Allison Justus for handling the viral volcano with finesse.

“Now that we have your attention … don't forget to lock your vehicle doors and conceal all Christmas purchases and packages,” the city said in what looks to be its only official response to the online frivolity.

“We had an interesting social media day,” Connet told the City Council Thursday night amid council members' giggling. “Our communications team came through as champions. We embraced the fun that our community was having over our map. The map is completely accurate related to the parade and our detours and Allison did a great job. I just want to want to commend Allison for the job she did today.”