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After visit to war zone, Edwards strongly endorses U.S. support for Ukraine

U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards meets with McDowell County, N.C. native Brig. Gen. Jerry Baird, commander of the 82nd Airborne's forward operating base in Poland.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards on Monday strongly endorsed U.S. support for Ukraine in its battle against the Russian invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, "a card-carrying KGB Marxist murderer with no regard for human life."

Edwards and a bipartisan group of five other lawmakers visited U.S. troops deployed to Poland, met government officials in Moldova and visited active war zones in Ukraine and other areas critical to Ukraine’s defense.

“From our inception, America has fought for principles of freedom, self governance, and human dignity. And we’ve stood with — and need to continue to stand with —  a world order that embodies the same," Edwards said in a news release.  “The Ukrainian democracy, as imperfect as it may be, is quickly crumbling to Vladimir Putin, a card-carrying KGB Marxist murderer with no regard for human life."

The trip included discussions among Edwards, foreign leaders including Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, U.S. embassy staff, military leaders and war crimes victims.

“At this moment in Ukraine, civilians are being tortured and murdered, children are being kidnapped, sexual assault is being used as a weapon of war, and Christians are being persecuted," Edwards said.  “Our nation can no longer allow itself to fall prey to Putin’s propaganda about this war. Now is not the time for America to hide in isolationism, as Putin is trying to manipulate us to do. I look forward in the upcoming days to sharing what I saw and heard on the ground in Ukraine, and to work with my House colleagues on how America can responsibly participate in stopping Vladimir Putin.”