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Here are today's BRCC graduates

Blue Ridge Community College held its spring commencement on Saturday. Here are the graduates from Henderson, Polk and Transylvania counties:


Emanuel Acosta, College Transfer
Angelina Alanis, College Transfer
Taylor Merlot Alef, Associate Degree Nursing
Danielle Leigh Allison, Office Administration-Medical Office
Leonardo Antonio, College Transfer
Shelby Christine Badillo, Associate in General Education
Erin Leigh Bailey, College Transfer
Jennifer Capps Balkcom, Business Administration-Banking and Finance
Aaron Banks, Computer Programming
Stephanie Ann Behringer, Associate Degree Nursing
Allyssa Madison Bishop, College Transfer
Christian A. Bobek, Cosmetology
Hannah Booth, College Transfer
Monica Collins Booth, Associate Degree Nursing
Marena Rose Boyd, Electronics Engineering Technology
Marena Rose Boyd, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Jacob Tyler Bradley, Film and Video Production Technology
Kyndle Cole Bradley, Associate Degree Nursing
Carolyn N. Brogden, Networking Technology
Rahma Renee Brown, Accounting
Nicole Adrianne Budesheim, Computer Programming
Rebecca Kay Bullock, Associate Degree Nursing
Caroline Faulkner Burchett, Associate Degree Nursing
Corey Rydelek Cagle, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Melissa Carter Chambers, Cosmetology
Alan Owen Clancy, College Transfer
Dena Marie Cole, Associate Degree Nursing
Jordan Lynne Cornett, College Transfer
Itzel A. Cruz, College Transfer
Ribelino Cruz, Business Administration
Carmen E. Cunningham, Esthetics Technology
Matthew Edward DeRosa, College Transfer
Omar M. Diaz, College Transfer
Sarah Ann Dollar, College Transfer
Christopher Michael Dratz, College Transfer
Maria R. Dubón, Early Childhood Education
Sarah Michelle Eckenberg, Associate Degree Nursing
Clifford McQueen Ellis, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Heather P. Finster, Early Childhood Education
Liam Patrick Fisher, Networking Technology
Nathaniel B. Fisher, Welding Technology-Industrial Plate Welding
Betty H. Freeman, Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing
Elizabeth Suzanne Gilbeaux, Esthetics Technology
Waverly Lynn Godwin, College Transfer
Chelsie Marie Goodwin, College Transfer
Kaitlynn Marie Gordon, College Transfer
Genesis Naomi Gosnell, Criminal Justice Technology
Leah Joy Valencia Grant, Office Administration-Medical Office
August Marie Green, College Transfer
Carrunda Equette Greenwich, College Transfer
Nathan Paul Griggs, College Transfer
Tyson M. Griswold, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Crista Jane Heatherly, Associate Degree Nursing
Ronald Allen Heatherly, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Ronald Allen Heatherly, Mechatronics Engineering Technology-Basic Technician
Michael David Henderson, Associate in Engineering
Sarah Lynn Hendricks, College Transfer
Erin Elizabeth Hendrix, College Transfer
Karen Astrid Hernandez, College Transfer
Marissa Gabrielle Hill, College Transfer
Michaela Danielle Hill, College Transfer
Joseph Alfred Hinchliffe, College Transfer
Amber Dawn Huntley, Cosmetology
Daniel Thomas Jackson, General Occupational Technology
Daniel Thomas Jackson, Welding Technology
Carrie Ann Jarvis, Drama
Cassie James Johnson, Basic Accounting-Bookkeeping
Alexander Christian Jung, College Transfer
Sherry Lynn Justice, Early Childhood Education-Infant and Toddler
Sherry Lynn Justice, Early Childhood Education-Preschool
Alexandria Victoria Kampwirth, Surgical Technology
Aaron Philip Kennedy, Networking Technology
Evan Matthew Kennedy, College Transfer
Lois Simmers Khalafalla, School-Age Education
Tanner Ray Kilpatrick, Automotive Systems Technology-Chassis Technician
Karen Marie Kniffen, Associate Degree Nursing
Summer H. Kole, Esthetics Technology
Nataliya Filippovna Konko, College Transfer
Pavel Pavlovich Konko, College Transfer
Reno Andre Kosanke, College Transfer
Reno Andre Kosanke, Computer Programming
Zachary Tyler Kuykendall, Welding Technology-Multiple Plate Welding
Paulette Maria LaBerge, Office Administration-Virtual Office Assistance
Brandon Paul Lee, College Transfer
Emmar Auguste Lee, Business Administration-Basic
Alexandria Isabell Lively, Associate Degree Nursing
Tracie Lynn Lutz, Accounting
Ashlie L. Mason, College Transfer
David Leif Mathisen, Mechanical Engineering Technology
David Leif Mathisen, Mechanical Engineering Technology-Pre-Engineering
Kaya Lee May, College Transfer
Tiffany Iris McCall, Office Administration-Medical Office
Devin Blake McGill, College Transfer
Ashley Nicole Mel, College Transfer
Cylk Patricia Melinis, College Transfer
Allison Noel Merritt, Accounting
Anderson Lee Merritt, College Transfer
Ronald Gunnar Monroe, College Transfer
Teresa Abigail Montano, College Transfer
Gwinn Rogers Moore, Esthetics Technology
Brooke Ann Moss, Early Childhood Education
Mary Stewart Murray, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence
Austin Raymond Myers, College Transfer
Cody Logan Nanney, Fire Protection Technology
Trey Ryne Nicholson, Criminal Justice Technology
Monica Lang Osiecki, Associate Degree Nursing
Amy Rebekah Overcash, Associate Degree Nursing
Melanie Estelle Owen, Drama
Taylor Eugene Owen, Automotive Systems Technology-Chassis Technician
Deajsha Nicole Owens, College Transfer
Hannah Kay Owens, College Transfer
Jeri Lynn Owens, College Transfer
Steven Paul Pacheco, College Transfer
Dante Michael Padilla, Welding Technology-Multiple Plate Welding
Nicodemus Gabriel Padilla, Welding Technology
Kosha Dawn Parcell, Associate Degree Nursing
Kristin A. Perkins, Associate in General Education
Samantha Earl Pratt, Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing
Elizabeth Anne Prince, Office Administration
Jaycee Andrew Prindle, Computer Programming
Cody Ryan Ridgeway, College Transfer
Dominik Carolina Rivera, College Transfer
Mikayla Lynn Robinson, Accounting
Scarlett Alexis Rogers, College Transfer
D'Anna Alexis Rojas, College Transfer
Manuel Roman Antunez, College Transfer
Amayrani Roque Gonzalez, College Transfer
Stephen Terry Salgado, Computer Information Technology
Tristan Joseph Schacht, College Transfer
Savanah Rae Seevers, College Transfer
Elizabeth Michelle Sharp, College Transfer
Katherine Suzzanne Sharp, Cosmetology
Oscar Aldair Sifuentes, College Transfer
Casey Patrick Skora, Computer Information Technology
Thomas Mark Skora, College Transfer
Celine Catherine Skrivanek, College Transfer
Lindsey Maybin Smith, Associate Degree Nursing
Michael Sean Smith, Computer Information Technology
Jennifer Mary Stroud, College Transfer
Joseph Franklin Swain, Jr., Fire Protection Technology
Robin Lynn Tindle, Criminal Justice Technology
Julio Cesar Tovar Diaz, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Kyle Brandon Tyte, Electronics Engineering Technology
Evelyn Valdez, College Transfer
Eva Liliana Vera, College Transfer
Jonathan Taylor Vining, College Transfer
Nikki Case Warren, Associate Degree Nursing
Sheila Huntley Wasch, Emergency Medical Science
Haley Joann Watkins, Associate Degree Nursing
Taylor Louise Watkins, College Transfer
Janice B. Watson, Office Administration-Medical Office
Silky Paynter Wheeler, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Silky Paynter Wheeler, Collision Repair and Refinishing-Insurance Estimating
Silky Paynter Wheeler, Collision Repair and Refinishing-Structural
Eric Scott Withrow, Art
Zachary J. Zein, Automotive Systems Technology-Chassis Technician
Dehlia Beck Zietlow, College Transfer


Robert D. Overton, Criminal Justice Technology-Criminal Justice I
John C. Rees, Networking Technology
Devin Michelle Williams, Criminal Justice Technology


Megan Alexandria Capps, College Transfer
Laura Fair Chapman, Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Brook Chappell, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
James Richard Daniel, College Transfer
Joseph Bruce Ennis, Computer-Integrated Machining
Jordan Tanner Eubanks, College Transfer
Pamela Sue Gaza, Accounting
Zachary Nathan Gaza, Automotive Systems Technology
Matthew Edwin Gibbons, Automotive Systems Technology-Chassis Technician
Elizabeth Carroll Haas, Associate Degree Nursing
Robert Joshua Hebb, Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Marie Holland, College Transfer
Keith Frederick Hough, Web Technologies
Carissa Ann Lambert, Associate Degree Nursing
Kerstin N. Landreth, Cosmetology
Scott Jason Major, Fire Protection Technology
Chezney Elle McJunkin, Interpreter Education
Katlynn Gail McKenzie, Cosmetology
Spencer Ryan Meachum, Automotive Systems Technology
Jennifer Lyn Mosley, Office Administration-Medical Office
Jennifer Lynn Moss, College Transfer
Mariah S. Narup, Associate Degree Nursing
Anna Grace Norman, Associate Degree Nursing
Madison Nicole Orr, Esthetics Technology
Rolanda Orr, College Transfer
Katie Rose Rossignol, Interpreter Education
Gregory Shane Sentelle, College Transfer
Seth Kaleb Shelton, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Melissa Marie Thompson, Accounting
Keitha B. Todd, Associate Degree Nursing
Lauren Elizabeth Tritt, Cosmetology
Jenifer Aileen Welch, College Transfer
Mary Anne Zogg, Early Childhood Education-Infant and Toddler