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Ask Matt ... about 30-minute parking at night

House on Boyd Drive has lots of deck space. House on Boyd Drive has lots of deck space.

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Q. If you drive down Boyd Drive in Flat Rock there is a weird shaped house under construction on the hillside. Who’s building that home?

Well, for starters, the home has a name – Dovetail. The name comes from the dovetail pine wood that is used throughout the home which is the pride of Luke and Margaret Ann Hunter. The 1,600-square-foot structure at 107 Boyd Drive is within walking distance from the Flat Rock Playhouse and not far from where Luke Hunter grew up. He drew the plans for the unique one-story house. The estimated value is $200,000 and the builder is Todd Moss. “We built it to fit the lot,” said Hunter. “It’s a steep lot and we had to remove a lot of trees but it’s almost completely surrounded by decking.” There are only two bedrooms, one on each end with a great room and kitchenette in the center. The rear deck of the bow-shaped house has a view of the Old Jerusalem Walk, a pathway that first brought settlers from South Carolina to Flat Rock. The Hunters will use the home mostly as rental property. “It’s designed to encourage the Flat Rock experience and will be primarily marketed to the parents of summer campers,” Hunter said. Dovetail will be ready for occupancy in March.

Q. What is all that equipment being stored at the intersection of Howard Gap Road and Jackson Road, next to Fletcher Community Park?

That is the new staging area for Duke Energy’s 560-megawatt renovated power plant in Arden. Duke awarded the contract last year to CB&I (Chicago Bridge and Iron), a global company that specializes in gas, oil, energy and utility projects. CB&I has more than 125 years in the business. The project is well underway. They are hiring welders, crane operators, pipe fitters, and many more positions. The staging area should be active until the project is compete in the year 2020. I suspect that until then, you will see a lot of steel pipe lying on the ground.

Q. On a recent Sunday night I was downtown for dinner with friends. There were some empty “30 minute limit” parking spaces on Main Street but we didn’t want to add the price of a ticket to the dinner tab. Could we have parked there?

As they say in Minnesota – you betcha! The City of Hendersonville only enforces parking regulations from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. With the big bucks you saved on not getting a ticket you can spring for dessert and a nice tip for your server.

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