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Ask Matt ... what's happening with courthouse entrance

Although it installed an exterior elevator at a cost of $35,000, the county dropped plans to move the entrance to the Grove Street Courthouse to the front door. Although it installed an exterior elevator at a cost of $35,000, the county dropped plans to move the entrance to the Grove Street Courthouse to the front door.

Q. Why doesn’t the new courthouse reopen the front entrance now that an elevator has been installed?


Some years ago the public entrance to the Grove Street courthouse was moved to the side entrance on the north side of the building. Offices were vacated to establish a security checkpoint staffed by Sheriff’s Department volunteers. About two years ago a decision was made to relocate the public entrance to the front where the steps are. This point of entry would be midway between two parking lots plus the security detail would occupy unused space near the front door. The sticking point was compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thus the external elevator, now visible, was installed for about $35,000.
What I have learned from Sheriff’s Office and County administrators is that currently there is no plan to relocate the entrance. In other words, the elevator will remain indefinitely but will be inoperative. There is probably more to this story that has not been uncovered but it has been my experience that courthouse operation issues are often controversial because of all the parties that have an interest: the Sheriff’s Office (security), county administration (building maintenance), judges, and the elected officials who work there (D.A., Register of Deeds and Clerk of Court). Just try to see how easy it is to relocate the courthouse snack machine!


Q. Do you know when the Blue Ridge Humane Society is going to build on the property they bought several years ago on South Grove Street? All the old buildings were torn down shortly after they purchased the property but nothing more has been done.

I spoke with Angela Prodrick, the newly named executive director of the Blue Ridge Humane Society. She said that plans are in the works to relocate the Edneyville facility to the 2.2 acres they own on South Grove Street near the intersection of Spartanburg Highway. “The new center will make it possible for BRHS to save more homeless pets lives than ever before and to be a resource hub to pet owners in our community,” said Proderick. About the time they acquired and cleared the Grove Street site, BRHS expanded its Greenville Highway thrift store. The store generates most of the funds needed to keep the Edneyville pet adoption center running. It may not be until 2020 before they move to Grove Street.
The Edneyville pet adoption center was built almost 35 years ago and has been renovated many times since. It holds 88 animals. Prodrick said that last year BRHS was able to “pull” more than 900 animals from the Henderson County Animal Services facility. The Humane Society sponsors a number of programs including vaccine clinics, pet food assistance, education programs, training classes, and emergency vet assistance.

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