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Democrats nominate Doug Miller for Transylvania board seat

Doug Miller Doug Miller

In a virtual vote on July 21, the Transylvania County Democratic Party chose Doug Miller as its nominee for county commissioner in the Nov. 3 election.

The two-year term will fill the seat vacated by the death of Commissioner Will Cathey earlier this year.

Miller, a teacher at Brevard College, was raised in Eastern North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Recreation Management, then received his masters in Education at the University of Wyoming.

After his mother and stepfather died in a plane crash, Miller decided to step back and look at life in a new way.

“While the tragedy brought me a lot of pain, it also gave me a chance to seek meaningful opportunities to continue practicing the values my mother taught me,” he says. Public service seemed a logical course. “I know that for a community to function, basic needs must be met,” he says. “We have to invest even more in the services that protect our most vulnerable community members.”

At the top of his list is reliable high-speed Internet service, which he sees as a means of leveling the playing field on many fronts beyond the personal.

“We need broadband in every holler to ensure Transylvania County can compete” in the fields of business, education and virtual community in an era of social distancing. Miller, a recreation advocate, supports the Ecusta Trail. “It’s time to get to work on a project that makes sense — it’s a perfect fit for this community. But the price will go up the longer we wait.”

He also advocates preserving and repurposing the old courthouse while building a new one nearby.

“Taking it away from the center of the community would be a mistake,” he says.

Teacher pay, infrastructure investment, government transparency and attracting businesses to import well-paying jobs will also figure into his campaign. But in the big picture, bringing the community together comes first. “In today’s political era, it’s rare to find someone who’s willing to listen and learn from others,” he says. “I’m willing to speak honestly to anyone — including people in power who may not like to hear the truth.”

Doug and his wife, Emma, live in Brevard with their three dogs.

His website is