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City rezones Chadwick Avenue property for three unit development

Acting on a rezoning request it delayed a month ago, the Hendersonville City Council approved a conditional rezoning application from James Nobel for the development of three homes on the 303 Chadwick Avenue property Thursday evening. The property was rezoned from C-3 SU, Highway Business Special Use to C-3 CZD, Highway Business Conditional Zoning District.


Nobel addressed concerns of council and city staff relating to stormwater drainage and the maintenance of a tree buffer along sections of the property. Council approved the rezoning on the conditions that, “The vegetative buffer and drainage improvements be included with the restrictive covenants that must be approved by the city attorney and the site plan be updated to reflect those restrictive covenants.”

Multiple site plans for the Chadwick Avenue property had been submitted and the most recent included these revisions: total proposed housing units reduced from four to three, building footprints increased by 120 square feet to total 1500 square feet, lot sizes increased by average of 2,534 square feet, proposed vegetative buffer or 8-foot privacy fence added along the south-east, east, and north-east edges which border neighboring lots, and a proposed ditch was added between lots 2 and 3.