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Letters to Lightning: Readers endorse candidates

Re-Elect Collis on Nov. 5

To the Lightning: I encourage everyone to vote to RE-ELECT Jeff Collis to Hendersonville City Council. Jeff promised us he would work to see that Hendersonville had more to offer than just a place to retire. He was the single Council Member who proposed hiring a City Staff member to lead the local NC Main Street Program. Since the formation of the new Main Street Advisory Committee, new Main Street events geared to all ages have flourished. Main Street is busier than it has ever been. Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Collis deserves our vote; please join me in voting common sense progress to Hendersonville City Council on November 5th.
April Griffis


City needs Caldwell's organizational skills
To the Lightning: Diane Caldwell is an outstanding candidate for city council. She brings the kind of experience the city needs as an accomplished organizer. The annual Harambee Festival she chairs in designed to bring together residents from all cultures and communities. As the name implies "Harambee" for Unity and Together. She will be a leader with fairness for all the cultures of the town. Diane has a sound foundation as an active leader in her faith as a minister which lends her to put other first in her decision making. Ms Caldwell is a prior member of the city council and will bring that experience to the council with her. As a lifelong resident of Hendersonville, she has always shown to have the best interests of the city in her endeavors. Hendersonville needs her kind of equality leadership on our council.

Paulette Miller

Caldwell has political savvy we need
To the Lightning: Exciting times in Hendersonville politics! I am very happy to see Diane Caldwell advance in the city council election. Ms Caldwell brings the kind of experience the city needs as a former councilperson. She also will also bring with her the expertise of a successful business person with ties to banks managers and businesses of the city. She has worked for years with our local important business leaders as they annually contribute and make donations to the multicultural Harambee Festival she has managed for well over a decade. Hendersonville needs the kind of experienced political savvy and intricate knowledge of the city's primary businesses Diane Caldwell will provide. Hendersonville is entering into a new era and Ms Caldwell will make a tremendous contribution to keep the City of Four Seasons moving in the right direction as our representative councilperson.
Roy Miller

Get the facts and vote for Volk
To the Lightning: I urge all voters in Hendersonville to get the facts and vote for Barbara Volk for Mayor of Hendersonville. Her opponent has made misleading statements and says he does not support the new fire station. I was in the council chambers when the votes and discussion were made on this issue. He voted for and did not object to any part of the cost or contract for the new fire station on Sugar Loaf Road. The contract was awarded to Cooper Construction who has given money to his campaign. Mayor Volk has worked hard to bring a positive image to the City. She has served on numerous boards and committees to fight for and represent the City's best long term interest. Mayor Volk has fought the states possible takeover of the city's water system, as well as the state and county commissions to stop the cities statewide from annexing for future growth. This law has put higher pressures on existing residents for futures taxes. She understands the importance of low taxes and regulations that attract businesses and residents to our city. Your vote for Volk is for a positive vision into the 21st century for Hendersonville.
Ralph Freeman

Candidate grateful for community support
To The Voting Community: Thank you so much for your vote for me in the primary election, and THANK YOU for all the support that I received from many of you in other ways. Your vote really made the difference, and I am most appreciative. I would also like to ask for your vote again in the November 5, 2013 General Election. With you we can do this ... "YOU" can make the difference Again!!!
For this I thank you in advance.
Diane Caldwell
Candidate for Hendersonville City Council

Many do not have opportunity to vote
To the Lightning: An unfortunate situation has arisen within the ranks of the "City Council Candidates" whereby Mr. Smith continues making statements like "let the voters decide." Yes, Mr. Smith, please do not include those of us who own and pay taxes on property/businesses within the City limits. Many of us do not reside in the City and therefore have no vote!
Volk, Smith and Collis continue pushing for the Berkley Park bond issue without regard to who will pay for it. I agree with Miller and Stephens that this endeavor can be accomplished over time, thereby eliminating a sure fire tax increase.
Those who can and do vote, please take into consideration there are many of us who would "vote out" the incumbent mayor and at least two of the present City council members if the opportunity to vote was ours.
Virginia G Gambill
Laurel Park

Collis a breath of fresh air

To the Lightning: I am writing to encourage our fellow citizens to vote for and reelect Jeff Collis to City Council. His record of leadership and stewardship speak for themselves. As an experienced member of Council, Collis has proven that he puts the interests of middle class citizens above all else.

With smart, conscientious government rapidly becoming a thing of the past, Jeff Collis is a breath of fresh air at the local level. I urge my neighbors to return Collis to City Council on Tuesday.

Michael Davenport


Freeman letter misses the point
To the Lightning: Ralph Freeman's letter to the editor is both misleading and completely misses the point. It concerns itself with how Councilman Stephens voted on the new fire sub-station. Mr. Stephens was, and is, a staunch supporter of the sub-station. He was, however, completely opposed to the outrageous amount of money spent on the project.
With research, Mr. Stephens confirmed that the Valley Hill Fire Department spent $650,000 on their new sub-station on Highway 64W. He is certain that the additional needs of the Hendersonville sub-station could have been incorporated for a total of less than $1,500,000.
The failure of not defining the scope of this project and any cost/value appraisals of its features is het another example of the Mayor's lack of leadership and attention to detail when dealing with financial matter. The Council's majority, which at one time included Mr. Freeman, has followed her example and spent and then borrowed without regard for the tax burden imposed on property owners.
It is time for a change. Ron Stephens as Mayor will use his business experience and leadership abilities to be sure that spending is thoughtful and controlled and that taxes are kept as low as possible.
Doug Jarvis

Editor's note: Jarvis, who is campaign treasurer for Ron Stephens, responded to Ralph Freeman's letter, which was contained in a story about the city campaign online at