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Tennis anyone? Yes, Mills River says

MILLS RIVER — Mills River Town Council member Wayne Carland is doing his part for town recreation.


Carland and his family offered to donate $75,000 to build tennis courts at the Mills River Town Park. Engineers have told the council that four tennis courts would cost $160,000. That left a gap of $85,000, which the Town Council agreed to pay for with reserve fund money.The appropriation will pay for the base, tennis court surface, nets and fencing for tennis courts. The work does not include lights.

The council's action came after Town Manager Jaime Laughter urged the council to raise the town tax rate by 1 1/2 cents per $100 valuation because it had added services and built a town hall, library and park at a time when revenues are flat. Board members will talk about Laughter's recommendation in more detail during a workshop at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"My family was interested in filling in the blanks" in the park, said Carland, a developer and the owner of Valley Ag Farm and Garden. "Two tennis courts was something we thought we could afford so that's where we're at." The council did the rest by agreeing to pay for the remaining cost.

The council directed Laughter to work with William G. Lapsley & Associates to solicit bids from firms qualified to build tennis courts.