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When giving thanks means feeding the world

Jeannie Honeycutt feeds anyone who comes to Flat Rock Pizza today. Jeannie Honeycutt feeds anyone who comes to Flat Rock Pizza today.

On Thanksgiving Day, Jeannie Honeycutt gives thanks in a big way.


“Years ago I go struggled. I knew what it was like without anything,” she says, when asked why she opens up Flat Rock Pizza to feed the world.
“Me and my daughter just talked about it and we just wanted to open the doors for anybody that doesn’t have family,” she says. “They may be on the street, whatever. We wanted to just open the doors and love on ’em and feed ’em.”
While she’s talking she’s showing a visitor another part of the restaurant’s generosity — two trailers filled with clothing and other items to give away.
“We’re going to do pizza, salad and pasta, then we’re going to have turkey and dressing and ham and pumpkin pie,” she says. “It’s a community event. It’s amazing because of the community — we live in the best place in the world."

Then she ticks off many of the suppliers that have made it possible, aside from the volunteers that devote Thanksgiving Day to to helping cook and serve.

"Even Pepsi. Pepsi has donated half the drinks," she says. "Reinhart distributors and Cisco’s donated. Bobby Morris, at Dana Food Center. They have jellies and jams and all that.”
Asked about her own troubles that gave her a heart for charity, she says, “I actually almost died. I was in the hospital and God took it away from me. And the man who owned this place at the time gave me a job.”
That was in 2007. From that time on, she worked her way up from waitress to cook to shift manager to general manager and, six years ago, owner.
In a Facebook video, Jeannie and her daughter, Alexandria “Allie” Beddingfield, narrate a tour of the storage trailers, which are stuffed with clothing, blankets, coats, diapers and hygiene items.
“Our goal this Thanksgiving is to spread endless love, laughter, joy and delicious food,” Jeannie says on Facebook. “If you are without family this year or you have family you’d prefer to be without our door is open to YOU! You don’t need a reason this season. Come out and gather, get your belly and soul FULL!”
If anyone knows anyone that has no family or is struggling on Thanksgiving Day, “take one hour out of your day and bring them out to eat and we’ll love on ’em,” she says. “It won’t cost anything.”