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City utility crew saves Thanksgiving in Carriage Park

It was the opposite of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" Carriage Park residents were at risk of having no water on Thanksgiving until a city utility crew saved the cooks in the kitchen.
"Early on the morning of Nov. 21 Carriage Park residents awoke to the news that there was a water main break affecting our community," Carriage Park President Greg Heimburg said in a letter to the Lightning. "Just two days before Thanksgiving, this created quite a panic among residents.  Boiling water or no water is not what you want going into the holiday — or ever.  The Hendersonville Water and Sewer workers were onsite immediately and worked tirelessly for two days to fix the break, keeping us updated on their progress.  We received an all clear early Thanksgiving Day. 
"Thank you to all the workers who 'saved Thanksgiving' for us."