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Candidates set to file for city seats

The campaign season for city offices officially opens at noon Friday when candidates can sign up to run. A handful of local council members and mayors have announced their plans.

Hendersonville City Councilman Jerry Smith announced Friday that he will seek re-election to the council, joining incumbent Mayor Barbara Volk and Mayor pro tem Jeff Collis in seeking another term. Former council member Ralph Freeman has also announced that he is running for the council. Freeman, who was appointed to the council in December 2009 when Volk was elected mayor, lost in the 2011 election.
Smith, a civics teacher at Hendersonville High School, has been active in promoting development of Berkeley Park and school safety during his term on the council.
"I have enjoyed serving you, the residents of Hendersonville, during my first term and want to serve you for four more years," Smith said in the campaign announcement. "I will continue to have an open mind in addressing the challenges facing City Council. My wife and I love working, living and raising our three children in the Hendersonville community. I look forward to meeting with many of you during my campaign as we work together to preserve and grow our wonderful hometown."
In Flat Rock, incumbents Ron Davis, David Bucher and Jim Wert all say they're retiring. Candidates Sheryl Jamerson, Anne Coletta and Albert Gooch all plan to file for those seats on Friday, said Mayor Robert Staton.


Here is an updated list of municipal officers up for election and candidates who have declared:

Hendersonville City Council
Barbara Volk, Mayor, 2013, running
Jerry Smith, 2013. Running.
Jeff Collis, 2013, running
Also announced: Ralph Freeman

Flat Rock Village Council
Ronald Davis, District 1, 2013, not running. Sheryl Jamerson, running.
David Bucher, District 2, 2013, not running. Anne Coletta running.
Jim Wert, District 3, 2013, not running. Albert Gooch running.

Fletcher Town Council
William B. Moore, Mayor, 2013. Leaning toward running.
Sheila Franklin, District 1, 2013.
Eddie Henderson, District 4, 2013.

Mills River Town Council
Lois Pryor, Mayor Pro Tem, District 2, 2013. Leaning against.
Shanon Gonce, District 3, 2013. Undecided.
Larry Freeman, District 1, 2013. Running.

Laurel Park Town Council
A. Paul Hansen, 2013. Leaning toward running.
Dona M. Mennella, 2013. Undecided.