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Gallery's 'Pray, Love, Eat' celebrates winter holidays

The Gallery at Flat Rock will simultaneously celebrate the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras with its “Pray, Love, Eat” event on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The event will combine a workshop in traditional origami technique, an exhibition of artwork from artists in the community and yummy homemade dumplings. A portion of the proceeds from sales of “Pray, Love, Eat” exhibition artwork will support the programs of the Arts Council of Henderson County.

“It turns out that Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras are spaced two days apart this year,” says Suzanne Camarata, owner of The Gallery at Flat Rock. “We hope that this three-part celebration will help lighten spirits and refresh people’s energy, to make 2021 a truly Happy New Year.”
For the “Pray” part of the project, a special workshop on Feb. 13 in making a traditional folding fan, or Sensu, will offer an opportunity to engage in a fun but cathartic meditation activity from Japan. Participants can write a wish, prayer or hope for 2021 on their fan and then hang it with dozens of others on a tree outside the gallery, creating a community art display. For those unable to attend on Feb. 13, starting on Feb. 1 anyone can come in to pick up a Sensu fan kit and follow the instructional video on the gallery website. Completed fans that are returned by Feb. 13 will hang with other fans on the tree.
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"The repetitive folding motion and concentration required to make the Sensu (folding fans) encourages a Zen-like meditative state that aids the emotional release," says Ayako Abe-Miller, a Greenville-based artist that will lead the workshop. "The shape of the Sensu (the folding ribs of the fan that spread out in a pie shape) symbolize infinite happiness and peace, which would be a blessing to us all."
For the “Love” part of “Pray, Love, Eat,” sales from a display of artwork in all media, priced at $100 or less, from local artists will help to fund the Arts Council of Henderson County’s community arts programs. After the live event on Feb. 13, the items will be viewable on the gallery website for one week.
Finally, for the “Eat” part, the gallery will offer a take-home package of frozen homemade dumplings (vegetarian option, too) with dipping sauces and instructions for cooking, along with loose green tea. Each package is $18.88 plus tax (the number “8” is being used in repetition because it’s the luckiest number in Chinese culture, as the word for “8” sounds like a Chinese word that means “wealth,” “fortune,” and “prosper.”)
“Pray, Love, Eat” is designed to be experienced in person or virtually. An instructional video for making the paper fan will be available and the homemade dumplings and tea are being provided in a bag for pick up/takeaway. Artwork will be on the gallery website from Feb. 14 – 21 to view and purchase.
The Gallery at Flat Rock represents finely curated art and craft, and is located in Flat Rock Square at 2702-A Greenville Highway in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays; or by appointment. To learn more, please visit or call 828-698-7000.